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The Sound of


Why are we still using base 10 to count with? Could a better system be built? What is nature’s number system, and can we learn it?


Lenny Moore



project details


Why are we still using base 10 to count with? Could a better system be built? What is nature’s number system, and can we learn it? How does the brain process and learn language and numbers? Can we program ourselves to see a clearer world/universe?

The intention of this project is to further understand these questions.

One of the most difficult things about my project is navigating the systems of information available in order to design new characters. Also, it's difficult deciding which areas are currently out of reach due to unfamiliar technology and resources while discerning which areas are worthwhile to work on. The information I hope to work with is beyond my current capacity to understand. This system needs to have an underlying structure that takes into account many areas of study including physics, chemistry, sound, design, mathematics, programming, linguistics, and neuroscience.

I need help in all of these areas, but also I need help in the organization of these needs. Here are some things I'm constantly thinking about for my next steps.


1. I need to break away from 2 dimensional writing and expand the concept into our more commonly applied 3 dimensional world. This would take into consideration space and perspective into the design of the numbers and images.

2. I would like to quickly bounce ideas off of mathematicians. I’m fairly uneducated in the field of mathematics, yet I believe some of the generated sets of numbers I'm finding have interesting and potentially valuable uses. It would be great to work with someone able to quickly explain/name the equations I’m working with and offer input and perspective as well as the potential uses.

3. I’m in need of advanced computer assistance. The sets and groups of numbers I’m working with are growing larger and more complicated. In order to draw, design, document, or observe these complex patterns in any reasonable amount of time, a normal calculator and pen is no longer sufficient. 

4. I really hope to work with collaborators who understand sound theory because I want to create numbers that relate to specific frequencies.

5. I’m interested in how the actual language of a system like this could have an effect on the human brain, and if there are benefits to this kind of system in the form of a learning methods/developments.

6. One of my pipe dreams is something like this. Frequencies can be found in all areas of science. Eventually, I hope to make a logical connection between certain numbers/patterns of numbers and areas of science like physics and chemistry. For instance, being able to find a pattern or series of numbers that directly relates to the formation of elements of the periodic table and furthermore how they physically present themselves in our world. Potentially by creating a specific number/set of numbers that is designed to look and sound like the frequencies that are given off by a certain elements. Elements might be letters, Molecules could then turn into words, and physical structures like dirt and air would become sentences. And the movement of life and environments would turn into paragraphs, pages and books.





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