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Innovation at the Intersection of Art and Science


Arlen Coiley


February 26, 2017

Lenny graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2014; therefore, many people would call him an artist. But if you asked him what kind of art he creates, he wouldn’t know how to answer. His artwork lies in a gray area of art and science. He is attempting to design and implement a new way of understanding and learning numbers. His earliest design of this concept was shared at the 2016 TedxWWU which you can find on Lenny's page.

Anyone who has met Lenny, knows probably knows that this questions the very fundamentals of thought, and has set off on a unexplored and difficult path, pretty much on his own.

Thankfully, Lenny has recently joined Kindling, and we believe that the collective will allow him to more effectively share his ideas and find the support he needs. And, Lenny is becoming a big part of designing the foundation of this collective, by applying his knowledge, experience and unique perspectives.


This ,means that we don't just release every part of our offering at once. Instead we start with a low-risk minimum viable product, which we currently have up and running as our initial offering. We will now continue to introduce the rest of our offering in a staggered manner, so we can focus on testing each part, so we can create the strongest whole. 

This concept is actually very similar to the way that Lenny thinks about numbers: 100/100 is really not the same as just 1, it's actually 100 total parts that make 1. We look at business and entrepreneurship the same way. Although a venture should operate as one cohesive unit, if you fail to see the significance behind each part of your offering, and prove that it makes your offering more valuable, then it will all eventually collapse on top of itself.

Currently we are working with Lenny to create visual representations of our agile development plan in a way that we can share with people in and outside of the collective to demonstrate where we're going. 

If you are someone that is interested and talented in mathematics, and believes in the idea that innovating the way we use and perceive numbers could create many profound impacts, then please get in touch with Kindling. Lenny is looking for someone to join forces with him on this project.

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